WooCommerce STC Drop Shipping Plugin - $US159.95

This shipping plugin enables your WooCommerce site to support the following:

  • Last Updated: 17 March 2019
  • Built-in product importer (optional, you can always use your own). This will download product feeds, in stock, out of stock, and discontinued products and update them in WooCommerce. This process may be automated via Cron jobs.
  • Product importer has configuration options to filter the kind of products you want to import, such as by category and price range.
  • Automatic retrieval and display of relevant shipping options based on cart contents at checkout.
  • Shipping option filtering, so you may prevent certain shipping options from being displayed to the customer.
  • Simple order submission to CNV. May be automated on payment verification or manually sent via a single button click.
  • Order status retrieval, to check if the product has been shipped, and to provide a tracking number if available.
  • Order cancellation feature (if the order has not been fulfilled by warehouse).
  • All functionality is accessible through the standard WooCommerce user interface.
  • More features being considered for implementation in the future. If you have any suggestions, then contact us directly.

Once payment has been verified, we will forward you the download link to the addon. If you have any special requirements, or a specific email address to send the link to, then please indicate this in the "Note to seller" section on the Paypal order screen.

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